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The global fast-food powerhouse also known as “Mickey D’s”  has revealed that toys aren’t the only thing that you can get with your orders now; Mcdonald’s plans on offering beer to customer’s as well. Customers in South Korea to be more specific. And for now, to be even more specific.


To millions of people in the world, the name “McDonald’s” has become synonymous with fast food eating. “Mickey D’s” has had its share of ups and downs throughout the years (though mostly ups”), from documentaries detailing the unhealthy effects of their food to leading the world in hamburger sales.

The $62 billion dollar company has been feeling competition hot on its trail in recent years though. McDonald’s has began going above and beyond with their services offered, offering all-day-breakfast to premium burgers to keep a leg up on competition. The company’s recent trick out of their hat may trump any of those efforts for some customers though.


Not too far from South Korea’s capital, McDonald’s plans on serving draft beer alongside its high end burgers in the city of Seongnam. This country’s drinking limit is 19: two years less than it is in the United States. Perhaps McDonalds likes Seongnam as a city to evaluate the success of this new item availability, whose results will turn the tide on ventures similar in the future.

The company is hoping that their newest addition to the menu will help Mcdonald’s continue their dominance in the industry to compete with the likes of Buffalo Wild Wings and Chipotle (who offer similar services). If all goes well, Mcdonald’s plans on offering beer to start offering beer to other cities in the beautiful country of South Korea. I’m not sure of the magnitude of South Korea’s love for beer compared to the US, but I do see this trend spreading quickly to other locations if Seongnam proves to be a success.


With other fast food restaurants no longer far behind, Mcdonalds is willing to turn up the heat on competition. All-day-breakfast has proven to be a big success. McDonalds breakfast hours have been a hot topic for customers on the internet for many years now; customers spoke, and Mickey D’s not only listened but delivered a home run.

McDonald’s is hoping to continue hitting home runs by giving customers what they want. Customers wanted the option to buy chicken biscuits and hashbrowns in the middle of the day, and McDonalds gave them just that. Sonic, Taco Bell and other companies have started serving alcohol in select locations and gaining some momentum in the process. McDonalds has no plans of losing customers to competition and will do whatever it takes to keep their customers “Lovin’ It” and coming back for more.


Last week’s announcement also creates some questions along with its excitement though. If everything turns out to be a success, where will the home of the global powerhouse go from there? Its hard to tell where the home of the Big Mac heads from this here after such financial success and dominance in their field. After the extension of breakfast hours, high end burgers, and now beer, what will they try next? Filling up gas at a McDonald’s gas station after eating some McNuggets doesn’t sound too farfetched anymore.

Beer and burgers are a combination that some customers from all walks of life would appreciate. Will Mcdonald’s start serving beer in the United States? This sounds likely as well. Imaging a Sunday afternoon during football season, right before a game; McDonalds would be full of hungry and thirsty football fans every week. Some countries in Europe are known for their love of brew, is this market next as well?

South Korea’s drinking limit is 19; who will serve this beer? In the US the drinking limit 21 and a large portion of workers are younger than that. How will they be able to serve alcohol to the customers? The US requires servers of alcohol to be of a certain age as well. Will age of employment requirements change for McDonalds? Though not likely, the company will have to take steps to ensure no minors are serving alcohol to customers; many times a majority of the employees in a McDonalds restaurant are younger than 21. Will that single manager have to handle all alcohol sales by themselves on a Saturday before a big UGA game?


Questions like these and many others will be brought up after this but until then, only McDonald’s has the answers. We do know that McDonald’s will listen to its customers and give them what they want. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to buy a beer with your Big Mac sooner than you think.




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